In the World Health Organization Global Consultation (Health For The World's Adolescents - 2014), adolescents considered the top health-compromising behaviours among their peers to be: unhealthy diets/ physical inactivity /alcohol and other substance use/ poor sleep habits. That's why the project Moving2Health deals with wellness, sport and eating habits related to teenagers caught in a time when they are trying to make sense of the rapid bodily changes that they are experiencing. Furthermore the percentage of teenagers who practice sport is notably decreasing as they are more attracted by computer games, virtual sporting practice and mobile addicts. Fewer than 1 in every 4 adolescents meets the recommended guidelines for physical activity - 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily (WHO -Adolescents: health risks and solutions - Fact sheet -Updated May 2016). Adolescents also require the knowledge and support to develop an healthy lifelong relationship with food to reinforce long-term health, as well as to develop a positive body image.
The project Moving2Health is divided into 4 thematic parts: physical health, mental health, health nutrition and stop addictions. Within these main pillars of the programme various activities will be carried out to motivate young people to take care of their health, not only physical but also psychological. Moving2Health will teach students how to eat well in order to maintain their bodies in good conditions and show them the bad sides of various forms of addiction. An indispensable part of the project is the development of language skills, making friendships on the international arena and learning about new cultures and great places on the map of Europe. Moving2Health is definitely the project of a better life.